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 INTEGRAL REHABILITATION AREA. Among the different resources developed by Adacen, an integral rehabilitation is carried out; working on the physical deficiencies, the physiological ones and the social adaptation needs to allow the patients with cerebral damage, as well as their families, to achieve a better quality of life. To develop programs for the stimulation of the physical and cognitive functions and guidance in the management of emotional upsets and alterations in their social behavior.

AMILY ATTENTION AREA: To provide the families with tools that will permit them to face up to the situation in better conditions after the acquired cerebral damage has occurred. Developing information programs, advisory sessions support for the caring process and provide help in general.

PROMOTION OF ASSOCIATIONS AREA: To create social networks that contributes to the knowledge and awareness of acquired cerebral damage. Develop programs for the participation and implication of families affected by cerebral damage as part of the ethos and aims of ADACEN, as well as to reinforce and strengthen the volunteer element.


MANAGEMENT AREA To coordinate the different areas and integrate them into the ethos and aims of ADACEN. Develop programs for the streamlining of the resources, the progress of workers and to insure that improvements continue to take place. To promote the growth of ADACEN and to improve the management of the entity.

COMUNICATION AND EXTERNAL RELATIONS AREA. To promote the presence of acquired cerebral damage and ADACEN as a voice for this actuality to create awareness among the public powers and society in general about the consequences and needs arising from it, both the health and social ones. To develop programs to help visualize the phenomenon of acquired cerebral damage for the media, public institutions, companies and among the public in general.

 PREVENTION AND A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Instruction and information can contribute to a decrease in the risk factors and help towards attaining healthy habits and a healthier lifestyle and help towards making people more responsible for their own health.

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