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Growing old together

Adacen Foundation Project:
“Growing old together”



Envejeciendo Juntos

Adacen Foundation began in April, 2016 a new resource in Pamplona, aimed at senior citizens over 65 years of age with neurological affects (cerebral damage, dementia…). This project was made possible thanks to support from Fundación Caixa and Fundación Caja Navarra.

This is a resource with flexible modes of treatment which aims to maintain high levels of autonomy that would permit people to remain at home even in old age.

The target is to improve the quality of life of the elderly, offering a specialized outpatients form of treatment given by a inter-disciplinary team. Support is offered to try to prevent deterioration as a result of aging by means of stimulation an and using different forms of therapy: physical, cognitive, occupational…, encouraging self-reliance and offering quality assistance with personalized treatment within a wide range of professional assistance.

This is a closeness resource that aims to bring personalized treatment to those who require it by making access to this treatment more streamlined. It offers support and help within a normal environment at this final stage of the life process, allowing those who receive it to continue to live in their own neighborhoods and natural environment. This closeness resource also includes the possibility of additional services in special situations and, if the user wishes to have it, treatment at home which is adapted to their particular needs, such as for example, undergoing examinations, receiving technical assessments, etc.

The mode of treatment is of a flexible nature which embodies different levels of intensity in the treatment provided, which would range from two or three days of an outpatients service to that of a daily treatment. The aim is to offer categories of treatment adapted to the diversity of individual needs, as well as taking individual decisions and satisfying individual wishes. Treatment is integral, as, in an indirect way, this resource aims to be a supportive resource for the families of the dependants, relieving the workload and stress among these informal carers, and by providing programs aimed at the carers.

Activities which are developed in the centers:

Foto enfermeraLasThe forms of treatment are varied and are adjusted to the needs of each person and to their families:

This is a subsidized resource, to which the users make a reduced monetary contribution.

“Aging together” is a therapy and a form of cohabitation. Let us promote self-reliance and autonomy. This is a new form of specialized treatment, of a flexible nature, in which familiarity and the family is fundamental.

This community service is located in neighborhood of Azpilagaña and treats people from that area and surrounding districts.
Contact: Buenaventura Iñiguez, 7 trasera (near to Río Alzania), Pamplona. Tf. 948774639

Following up on this same approach of familiarity, in 2016, a further center was developed in the Concejo del Valle de Egüés area. There were stimulation workshop sessions aimed at people over 65 years of age and these were subsidized by the local town hall authority of that area.

Since March 2017, Adacen is developing in the town of Zizur Mayor, “workshop stimulations for the elderly dependent people in support of family carers”. This project is being developed by Adacen through a contract of agreement with the local town hall.

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