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TAfter the initial treatment received within the public health hospital service when the first steps taken are to ensure the survival of the affected person. This is followed up by a period of treatment and rehabilitation for the damaged parts of the body which is when the persons affected and their families go to ADACEN with the aim of learning to adapt to their new chronic situation and to continue to work on their rehabilitation.

The aim is to cover the immediate needs of the person and their families who, after the hospital treatment will hopefully have improved their state, but who still limited and conditioned by their new situation. Likewise, it is important to provide the family with information and advice on how to handle this new situation and the reality that they now face.

The people who go to ADACEN are looking for treatment similar to that which had been given in the public hospital in the initial phase before being discharged and the person affected and their families now have no other service to go to other than that provided by ADACEN.

Activities are developed with the aim of making the patient as self-reliant as possible by working on and stimulating the affected areas. This includes working on the neuropsychological aspects as well as on speech improvement, occupational therapy, leisure and free time. It is equally important to work on family normalization and on job incorporation. All of these areas are affected to a greater or lesser extent by the cerebral damage and they create a wide range of dependency and treatment needs.

Faced with this situation it is fundamental to provide a wide scope of treatment exercises to attend to each one of the deficit areas. Therefore the programs and activities offered by ADACEN aim to cover all the attention needs at a personal level as well as at the social and family and job levels.

The Dependant Treatment Center deals with people of all ages, with both sexes, where the physical damage caused by cerebral damage creates a level of dependence which requires individual and special treatment and stimulation.

Likewise, the families and principal caretakers of those affected are given help with programs of support, information and training which are carried out specifically for them.

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