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At the beginning of the ‘90s, several family groups created the NAVARRA CELEBRAL DAMAGE ASSOCIATION (ADACEN), in response to an existing lack of resources for the care of persons who had suffered different types of brain damage and the absence of any kind of support for the families of these injured people. From its early days, thanks to these family members and the early physiotherapy services set up, this organization has been providing treatment across a wide area of public health services, in an attempt to promote autonomy in the rehabilitation and treatment of all those affected by brain damage.

ADACEN began its grounding by offering assistance to the family members through a volunteer program. Later, further services were incorporated such as physical stimulation, speech therapy, neuropsychology as well as manual and crafts activities.

The development of these resources has grown in response to the needs which have been detected over time and which are a reflection of the social and health demands of its basic aims. That is to say, to create an interdisciplinary team of different professional specializations under the general title in its day of a Dependant Treatment Center. This Center has become consolidated as The Center for Care and Treatment (CAD) and which currently continues to offer its services in the present day.

In 2003 the ADACEN Day Center opened its doors and it also created the Emergency Temporary Home Relief Center in the neighborhood of Mutilva which remains active today thanks to public subsidies from the Regional Government of Navarra, later incorporating the service of the Piso Funcional (Hogar) in 2010.

ADACEN is made up of those people who have suffered Acquired Cerebral Damage and their families as well as the professional workers within the association and the volunteers and other solidarity groups or persons who contribute their time and effort to the association.


Financing of the activities developed by ADACEN is obtained in part from the agreement reached between the Government of Navarra Social Welfare Department and in part from subsidies and donations from both public and private as well as from members’ annual fees.
Over these past few years the entity has begun to generate some of its income from consulting sessions arising from its specialized experience in the treatment of dependent persons in areas such as consulting in companies for the implementation of RSC, the training of professionals and specialized rehabilitation services.

The economic profits obtained are reinvested in the development of further programs and resources for the entity.

There is an annual auditing carried out accredited by the Good Faith Foundation , with the aim of certifying the transparence and financial accountability as well as the proper responsibility of the management.

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El ámbito de actuación de ADACEN es en la Comunidad Foral de Navarra. Está federada a nivel nacional en la Federación Española de Daño Cerebral (FEDACE) e integrada en la Confederación

ADACEN works within the scope of the Region of Navarra. It is federated at a national level within the National Federation of Cerebral Damage Association (FEDACE) and it is also integrated in the European Confederation (BIP). ADACEN has been declared as a public utility service by a Ministerial Decree of the 24th of November, 2000.

ADACEN has the certification stamp of norm UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 for “The provision of treatment for people who suffer from cerebral damage and their family members through the application of long-term treatment programs for patients and for the creation of awareness among the general public of the problem inherent in acquired cerebral damage for long-term patients.”

Some Facts about ADACEN:

Members of the Board

Management Team

TASKS and DUTIES: “To work on providing beneficial treatment and social integration for people with DCA and their family members, to try to become a leading player within the world of acquired cerebral damage; to share remedial knowledge with society; to help instigate prevention measures and to create more awareness of this segment of society”.

AIMS: “ To become a reference model in the social integration of people with DCA and their family members; to help them to adapt to their new situation and to share our knowledge and experience with society and to draw attention to prevention measures. To try to achieve economic security and improved efficiency in the management of Adacen”.

CAPACITY AND EXPERIENCE: CELEBRAL DAMAGE can provoke permanent and long-term physical damage as well as cause neuropsychology emotional and behavioral harm. Etiology and the degree of severity of the injury, along with some other intrinsic characteristics of the patient, determine the type of deficiency which can result from the injury and the patient’s level of disability.

Currently, ADACEN is covering the treatment needs of the patient as well as providing stimulation and rehabilitation programs in order to maintain those functions and capabilities which remain in good working order in patients who have suffered cerebral damage in Navarra. After the immediate and initial public health intervention carried out on the patient, this association (ADACEN) is the only specialized center for cerebral damage. This has meant that over the last few years there has been a substantial increase in the demand for patient treatment and attention. We are counting on you in order to be able to expand our services and be able to deal with more people who suffer cerebral damage.

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